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Doral Energy

Doral Renewables LLC was founded in 2019 as a joint venture between Doral Group and Clean Air Generation. Doral LLC currently has over 11 gigawatts of projects under development and over 60,000 acres of land under lease east of the Rockies. The management team of Doral LLC includes experienced individuals who worked together for many years at some of the largest developers in the renewables industry in the United States.


Doral LLC is dedicated to leading the transition to a carbon-free energy sector. We develop, own, and operate renewable energy projects and storage facilities. We view ourselves as long-term partners and want local communities in which we build to share in the benefits.

Our sole focus is to help transition the world to a more sustainable future while recognizing the benefits of affordable and reliable energy that our society is built upon. We believe this transition will require partnerships at the local level and a strong commitment to transparency and integrity.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to local partnerships and look forward to working with our new neighbors in Fulton County to create growth in the community. Together, we’ll use the land in new, effective, and exciting ways with long-lasting benefits.

The positive impacts of a development like this are indisputable, with new financial resources and support for local governments. This project will fuel economic development in the region through local spending and hiring. The increased local revenues will provide additional support to schools and vital community services.

The Doral team has strong respect for the important role local farmers play in their community. We share the values of integrity, hard work, family and community. We embrace our future role as an active community member. We pledge our efforts to be good partners and good neighbors. You can count on us. You have our word. 


Our Promise to Landowners

Dear Landowners,

Our hard work is aligned with your interests because a successful project outcome means secured income for all of us. Your land may have been in your family for generations. We understand that committing it to a new future is serious, and has implications to your grandchildren that extend beyond the financial outcome. We raised our family on a Pennsylvania maple farm (a hobby) and share the connection to land. Our Principals can name every landowner (hundreds) of each project as we maintain the relationships we built.

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Nick Cohen

President and Co-founder
Doral Renewables LLC

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